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- Calltouch - Roistat - Comagic - SipUni
- UniSender - MailChimp - GetResponse
- CallbackHunter - EnvyBox - Jivosite
- Carrot Quest - Leeloo - WhatsHelp
- GetCourse - LPmotor - LPtracker - Tilda

Automation of core business processes using leading solutions.


We are certified partners
All our employees access certification and qualification upgrade once per quarter to keep service level high.
Development constitutes of 6 stages
On each stage you have permanent access to personal project manager, who will do his best to overcome your expecttations.
Everything begins from analysis of current state of department. We pick tailored solution and adjust it with company's board.
Installing CRM system based on department analysis. The core task is to connect the right systems that will improve manager's efficiency.
Integrating needed services, connecting to website, chat bots, auto replies, mailings, etc.
Automating business processes: automated advertisement appearance, automatio of documents flow and communication.
It is crucial to learn to work in the system and adjust managers' work. It is also important for the head of department to see the needed KPIs of managers to react accordingly.
Creating project
Now that your sales department is ready, automated and trained, your business is ready for scaling, at that stage we finish our job and hand you in the project.
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